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Ocean Bells Coffee Company is rapidly becoming well known for excellent coffee. Setting new standards not seen before outside of the coffee capital ‘London’. We are proud to say that our standards are not only on par with established coffee shops in London and around the country but many customers say we consistently raise the bar of speciality espresso coffee. Our team of baristas take their job as more of a way of life and strive for a perfectly extracted shot every time and smooth sweet velvety textured milk.

These courses will allow you into the world of a barista, teaching you either latte art skills, how to extract the perfect espresso or work in a one to one class and learn the whole experience.

The perfect experience for an enthusiastic home barista as a gift or for a barista to fine tune their skills behind a professional espresso machine or a bit of fun for a group of friends.

LATTE ART COURSE                

If you have ever wondered how your heart, rosetta or tulip got on top of your coffee and would like to learn how to do it then this course be for you. We will go through the basics of espresso and dive straight into stretching and texturing the milk to the correct temperature and have you free pouring a heart by the end of the session. A very hands on approach where for at least half of the session you will be pouring your own latte art.

Courses run on a Tuesday or Wednesday From 7pm – 9pm. £40 per person.

Bookings can be made in person, phone or by email. Payment can be made on the day of the course.

4 students to a class but bigger classes can be arranged.


This course is ideal as a gift to yourself or to a slightly coffee obsessed loved one. You will spend 2 hours behind our professional espresso coffee machine learning what it takes to make the perfect coffee from the coffee grind and adjustment, extraction brew ratios , texturing milk and then free pouring latte art. An absolute must for any coffee lover or anyone who is fascinated by the world of espresso making.

Courses are available as when requested as long as we are available too. Contact us to discuss available dates.

7pm – 9.30pm. £90 per person

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