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At Ocean Bells our barista enjoy drinking espresso coffee just as much as they love making it which produces consistently fantastic coffee. Every cup we serve will be professionally made and perfectly extracted to keep all the amazing aromas and flavors from the coffee bean.



Nuova Simonelli is an Italian company with experience and tradition going back many years. It has been making espresso machines, which it exports all over the world, since 1936.



The grinder we have chosen consistantly produces the most accurate grind dose which results in the perfect shot of espresso time after time. 


Campbell & Syme Coffee Roasters ( coffee bean roaster)

We work closely with the team at Campbell & Syme Coffee Roasters to create a house blend custom made for OceanBells customers. We tend to choose a blend that produces a balanced coffee on the sweeter side with a subtle fruit flavour and chocolate sweet notes while keeping a bold coffee flavour. We feel it is perfect for our customers. Campbell & Syme was founded by Joe Syme in 2012 and since joining forces with Jon Cowell & Dumo Mathema to roast they have been producing delicious coffees to a growing band of quality cafes. With the roastery just down the road in North London we get to visit and taste coffees on a regular basis. Coffees are from all over the world working closely with farmers to purchase the highest quality beans from all over America, Africa and Asia.


Guest espresso

Each month or while stocks last we introduce a changing espresso from other roasters. This can be a blend or single origin. We do try to use coffees that are as different as our house blend as poosible to explore the wonderful world of speciality grade coffee.


Guest coffee roasters include

Square Mile Coffee Roasters -

Alchemy Coffee Roasters -

Workshop Coffee Co. -

HasBean Coffee Roasters -


Filter coffee

We also have a changing single origin filter coffee available on V60 pour over and AeroPress. These styles of coffee are completely different from espresso coffe and are more akin to like drinking tea. Very clean, crisp with delicate flavours.



We use the freshest organic milk available from various dairy farms across the home counties.

We use Bonsoy as our soya milk. Regarded as the best available. 

We stretch and texture the milk to 65degrees to bring out the natural sugars in the milk to give it a sweet taste.


Cup Size

We have specifically chosen the cup sizes for each drink to reflect and respect the true flavours of the espresso. All our coffees are served as a double shot as a standard. Please ask for single shot if you prefer.



All our barista are fully trained in making and producing excellent coffee. 





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