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About Us

Ocean Bells Coffee Company is a locally owned independent cafe', having been inspired by independent coffee shops in London and around the world we wanted to produce the same high standard of food, drink & hospitality that the public deserve .


Why Ocean Bells Coffee I hear you ask???? Simple really... It is the three most important things in my life.


Starting with Ocean:

Born and bred in landlocked Watford, I remember family trips as a youngster to Devon & Cornwall and being totally mesmerised by the huge expanse that is the Atlantic Ocean. At a very young age the ol'man hired me a body board (after a lot of nagging) & threw me into the freezing ocean. It wasn't long before I'd caught my first wave and was hooked for LIFE! Since then my wife and I have travelled down the west coast of Europe and Morocco in a run-down old BT work van, not only was it the coolest thing we had ever done living the beach life surfing every dawn and dusk but we developed a taste for good espresso coffee. Getting the bug for travelling, we took another trip in a camper van up the east coast of Australia which gave me the inspiration to open a coffee shop & has well and truly left me in love with great coffee, surfing and the oceans of the world!


On to the Bell side of the name, my beautiful wife Bell! (Isabella) the second most important thing in my life, sorry I mean first. Bell is incharge of creating our menu & bakes all the cakes herself. We both enjoy good food, coffee, tea & hospitality. We have tried sourcing the best to sell in our cafe' and also believe in the best standard of service and a genuine approach to hospitality.



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